The monoprints presented on this page were done with gelli plates. My work with monoprints is ever-evolving. Inspiration comes from the textures, patterns and colors of the natural world around me. I tend to do multiple layers of printing and often enhance pieces with abstract line drawings. I use regular acrylic paints as well as open acrylics and even acrylic metallics. These prints are on mulberry kozo paper. It is very durable and ph-neutral.

Prints are shown some vertically and others horizontally. Any print that goes to its new home unframed may be turned before framing to best fit its new surroundings. 

Here is a small selection of my monoprints:

Printed area 3"x 5"


Printed area 5"x7"  


Printed area 8"x10"
Printed area 11"x14"

18" x 24"

​Headed Home


12" x 36"
​High Tide
I've been experimenting. Here are two 12"x16" boards that have first been covered with gesso, then layers of acrylic paint mixed with medium, and then monoprinted multiple times with open acrylics.