Walking is part of my life and part of my studio practice. What the latter means exactly is something that is still unfolding. I wrote a book about some of my walks and feel there's probably at least one more book yet to emerge. Many of my walking tales have been included in a number of magazines and newspapers. Writing is definitely part of my walking studio practice. So is taking photos, and more recently making simple maps of my walks.

Late in 2017 I found my old hand-held GPS. About the same time we removed the old wooden fence that has stood between our west property and our east one for many decades. With GPS in hand and a much larger space to "write" upon, I began to experiment with making tracks in my yard. It is not a small yard being of 3 acres.

Now we are a few days into 2018 and as I set creative goals for this new year I decided to make tracks and keep the recordings of at least 100 walks right here on the property. The walking itself is the art, the maps shown here are just documentation of those walks. I do plan where my feet should lead me to give me the chance to create patterns and tracks with those same feet. 

I am only just beginning. It is important to me in this early stage of a new body of work to record specific data: how far I walked, how long I walked, and if the story behind the walk if there is a tale to tell.

From so much walking almost always comes inspiration. I am not worried about the answer to, "What are you going to do with those maps?" The answer will unfold as my feet move me forward and around and back again. Stay tuned!
"A good line or shape gives you another way of seeing and looking at reality, it heals your eyes."

John O'Donoghue, Four Elements: Reflections on Nature       

Date: 29 Nov. 2017
Distance: .55 mile
Time: 13:06
This was the beginning of an idea that led to an inspiration...which will eventually lead to a new body of work! It's the best: combining two passions - walking and art!

Date: 30 Nov. 2017
Distance: .54 mile
Time: 12:10
Date: 30 Nov. 2017 
Distance: .51 mile
Time: 11:44
This was the second walk for that day.

Date: 03 Dec. 2017
Distance: 1.63 miles
Time: 1:39:00
The day was so lovely and our yard is so big...I spent the time raking leaves in one particular corner, trimming branches, lugging branches to the wood pile, cutting back vines that could cause a pedestrian a fall, and generally enjoying the sun, the air, the day, the property, and even the work. At one point my husband and I watched an aerial battle between a hawk and a raven. They circled and cried and attacked and plunged - all directly above us. 
Date: 04 Dec. 2017
Distance: .60 mile
​Time: 12:30
Date: 21 Dec. 2017
Distance: unrecorded
Time: over a span of at least an hour

I call this one, "Cooking Kuchen in the Kitchen," because that was what I was doing. Our kitchen is in one building - separate from the studio and where we sleep. I was back and forth on this day. The kuchens were Christmas gifts for my husband's staff. It was a delightful morning!
Date: 01 Jan 2018
Distance: .24 and .72
Time: a span over an hour at the least
Not all my walks are in the yard. To celebrate the New Year my husband, dog Buddy, and I headed into the Gila National Forest which happens to be one of my favorite places. We were exploring and actually enjoyed one short hike up a hill on top of a mountain and a bit longer hike that eventually took us to an old mine. It was a perfect way to celebrate the new beginning!
Date: 31 Dec. 2017
Distance: .51 mile
Time: 11:59
This was an intentional walk. It was also the last one of the old year!

Date: 03 Jan. 2018
Distance: .84 mile
Time: 20:58
A purposeful walk: 8 round-trips from my studio to the west house. I lugged bins and boxes of framed monoprints to storage. It seemed an appropriate task for the start of the year: de-cluttering the studio. Just for fun I made a final swing around the perimeter of the place. 

​Date: also 07 Jan. 2018
Distance: 345 ft.
Time: 1:29
A purposeful spiral. I am walking within the constraints of our property which includes walking around or up to various obstacles: septic tanks, trees, hammock, porch, buildings, etc. 

I told Matt, "I could really use 10 acres for much better results." He laughed. I was serious.
Date: 05 Jan. 2018
Distance: 1.03 mile
Time: 23:23
​I'd worked at the laptop all morning and decided to walk twice my norm. Now my socks are full of sticky seeds that prickle my ankles. Oh my!

Date: 07 Jan 2018​​
Distance: .18 mile
Time: 4:40
​An attempt to create a woven pattern with my feet. Getting closer but still not quite as I wish.
​Date: 17 Jan. 2018
Distance: from 80th to 43rd
Time: 1:15:00?
We walked from Zabar's (where we had breakfast) to the Stephen Sondheim Theater where we saw "Beautiful." It was a great way to get used to NYC. 

I didn't take my GPS with me on the trip because I wasn't sure it could read my locations with all the tall buildings around. I have tried to re-construct a map for this walk but no success so far.

I will share that we enjoyed it so much, we walked all the way back to our hotel on 77th after the musical. It was grand!
Date: 09 Jan. 2018
Distance: .71 mile
Time: 16:39
Only surprise today was how warm it was. Lovely!
Date: 15 Jan. 2018
Distance: .55 mile
Time: 18:59
​I was here and there around the property collecting what was needed for a trip to NYC!

Date: 19 Jan. 2018
From: the Center for Book Arts NYC at                        28 W. 27th St.
To: Mood Fabrics - 225 W. 37th
About 12 blocks.
Hannah was with us so we moved right along...past Macy's on 34th where Matt remembered the film "Miracle on 34th St." with a very young Natalie Wood.
Date: 18 Jan. 2018
Distance: from 77th and Broadway to Central Park and back.
Time: we didn't care!
Our daughter Hannah and her family were with us...another fun day in NYC!
Date: 22 Jan. 2018
Distance: .56 mile
Time: 16:16
This day I caught up on laundry, put the luggage away, and took a couple of laps around the perimeter of the yard just to stretch my legs and get the blood flowing once more.
Date: 29 Jan. 2018
Distance: .72
Time: 16:20
​Walked the yard, but went through the gate into the front as well...had to check for deliveries.

Date: 23 Jan. 2018
Distance: .7
Tiime: 15:09
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