a beginning with Portraits
As an artist I have accumulated many tools in my toolbox over the decades. Thing is, I am still learning, still looking for new artistic challenges, still looking for new tools. To that end I am currently enrolled in two online classes.

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019 offers 50 lessons over the course of the year with one lesson/week. The instructors are accomplished artists from all over the world. The large international group of students has enjoyed about 20 lessons to date.

Freedom Lies in Boldness is taught by Emma Petitt. Emma offers 4 lessons/week for 4 weeks. Each week is built around a different theme: mark-making, color, texture, and scale. I am currently half-way through this course.

The pieces I present here are my works as a student. I've never studied portraiture, never studied painting. I am finding these classes to be informative, challenging, fun, and helpful. I know some of the works are awkward and unskilled. You might wonder why I'd share them. Well, no artist starts off at a professional level when undertaking a new medium or a new subject matter. Maybe my efforts will encourage you in your own...to undertake something new in the vast world of creating. I'm not ashamed of my efforts when I fail for I am learning and growing and creating. That's what it's all about!
Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019: The creative force behind the series of classes is Olga Furman. She's done an amazing job with the faculty and curriculum!​ There have been weeks when life has intervened and I didn't get a lesson done. The beauty of these classes is that once enrolled the lessons and instructional videos are available to the students forever or as long as Olga is on this earth which we all hope is a very long time. The instructor for each lesson is named below my effort for her class.
​Week 3 with Katrina Koltes
Week 1 had us with two paintings!
instructor: Ildiko Karsay
Week 2 with Yvonne Morell
​Week 4 with Toni Burt
Week 7 with Lucy Chen
There were two parts to Week 5's lesson  with Jean-Marie Webb.
Week 8 with Sherry Woodward
Week 9 with Muriel Stegers
Week 11 with Julie Ann Lee 
Week 18 with Donna Munro
Week 15 with Svetlana Rumak
Week 19 with Lucy Brydon
Freedom Lies in Boldness with the enthusiastic and talented Emma Petitt. This class is about portraits and human bodies and being bold in our painting. Emma often encourages her students to be loose, to work fast, to have fun. I can check all those boxes. I'm learning loads!
Week One
Bonus Lesson
Week Two
​Week Three
Bodies of Work
Crosses for Prayers
DNA series
Geometry of Landscape